Aussie politician calls rival a "c*nt" in Parliament, gets away with it

Juha writes, "Christopher Pyne, education minister for the ruling right-wing Coalition in Australia, calls the leader of the centre-left Labor, Bill Shorten, a "cunt." In Parliament. Pyne gets away with it too, as the Speaker doesn't intervene. Further audio here in case Youtube pulls the video."

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  1. Isn't that word (which I'll avoid writing since I'm pretty sure it's specifically mentioned in the rules here), much more acceptable in Australia? More like saying prick or jerk? Maybe douchebag.

  2. The headline is not the way I see it: he didn't get away with it. He was immediately pulled up by the Speaker and withdrew the remark.

    @Jardine, it is pretty strong, but it is probably used a lot more here than I ever heard it when I lived in the US for 7 years. Perhaps the greater regularity of use gives you the impression that it's not strong, but I think it's more that people here (Down Under) are much less likely than Americans to restrain ourselves.

  3. Nope, not at all. Bishop told Bill Shorten (leader of the opposition) to sit down.
    And for using the word "cunt", Pyne should've been ejected from the chamber. But that's Australian parliament today. Our government are truly a pack of assholes.

  4. For context, the Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, who is supposed to be the impartial moderator of parliament, has ejected members of the left(ish) Labor party over 100 times, Dryfus was once bizarrely ejected for saying "madam speaker", which is the correct way to address her. The number of times she's ejected members of the right wing Liberal party you ask? Zero. Her bias is truly absurd.

  5. Sir Winton Turnbull a Country Party member was once speaking in the Aussie parliament and said
    "I'm a Country member"
    to which the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam quickly replied: "Yes, we remember".

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