Coder needed to make 8-bit Zardoz game a reality


A while back, we posted about Nick Criscuolo's fantastic intro to a non-existent 8-bit game version of classic Connery SF outing Zardoz. Well, Nick--an artist and animator--is setting out to make the game itself, and is on the hunt for a talented coder willing to volunteer their skills to bring this crazed, red-leathered concept into reality. If you're interested, check out Nick's project site, featuring some sample designs and character animations--and get in touch with him.

8-Bit Zardoz will be a browser and mobile arcade style action game with different types of game play for each level. From infinite runner, to catching falling objects, to side scrolling beat um up, to old school first person shooter. The levels will be couched in simple but cinematic cut scenes to preserve the important elements of the story.

I'm an artist looking to partner with a programmer who loves the movie and wants to make this game with me, but anyone who wants to contribute in some way is welcome to do so whether with additional graphics, music / sound FX, or web work.

I would really like to enter the game at BostonFIG this year. It requires a playable first level by June 19th for entry. The actual festival isn't until September 13 so there will be more time to work on it before showing the public.

I'm a big fan of free culture so I would like the game to be a GPL-3.0 release. After the game is finished, all the components should be available on github and

And here's the concept video, once more, in all its glory:

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  1. That hasn't really stopped people, historically.

  2. I have definitely considered the possible legal ramifications. I think it's fair use, but we all know that hasn't stopped people from suing in the past and it's tough to defend. Hopefully the fact that it will be completely free to play and without advertisements is enough to make it not worth going after.

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