Phoenix Jones conducts fitness-based Seattle superhero purge

Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones (previously) has purged the membership of Rain City Superheroes, dissolving and reforming the superhero group with new, stringent membership requirements, including the ability to do five pull-ups and 25 sit-ups in two minutes.

He didn't call anyone out by name, so we don't know whether it was, for example, Catastrophe, Lil Rambo, or Purple Reign who couldn't hack it. It wasn't Omega, because according to the report he's on the new team. (By the way, "Penelope" and "Michael Taufner," those aren't superhero names, they're just names.) Even though these guys are mostly just observing and documenting, it does seem like 5 pull-ups and 25 sit-ups in two minutes is probably a reasonable minimum for someone purporting to be part of a superhero team. I suppose if you could fly or shoot laser beams out of your eyes, those would be acceptable substitutes, but if your only power is being able to move your limbs in dramatic ways, those limbs should be relatively strong.

Superheroes Must Be Able to Do Five Pull-Ups, Group's Leader Says