House Republican leader defeated by Tea Party challenger


USA Today: "The demise of the Tea Party has been greatly exaggerated."

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  1. I'm not fully conversant with the structural details of US government, but does this mean your country is even more broken? 'Cos it was pretty fuckin' broken before.

  2. Marya says:

    He who lives by the stupid bigoted idiots, dies by the stupid bigoted idiots.

  3. It wasn't that the Tea Party was spending money to eliminate Cantor - no he was the victim of an ultraconservative gerrymandered district that was supposed to give him life time job security. but instead it turned on him like Frankenstein's monster.

    This is less Tea Party and more neoconfederate.

    Dave Brat teaches economics - how will he respond to his base's demands that America default on the national debt and crash the world economy?

  4. This is one of the ways IT could start...

    The Noxious Joke Party that everybody just laughs off until it doesn't just dry up and blow away on its own, no, it has RALLIES and funding and budgets and goddamned committees and chairmen of its own by now. Screwheads with cash dump time and dollars into this shit.

    It just snowballs and eventually they're like twelve percent of the government somehow while nobody was even watching, it seems.

    And then the Noxious Joke Party gets way less funny. People turn up missing every day or it turns out they were a secret Islamist or harboring immigrants illegally and everyone just freezes when someone questions in conversation whether that's like, ALL RIGHT with everybody now. Rorshack's Journal time.

    It's too late for regrets when everyone turns out to be a Noxi.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me at the myopic views that tea partiers have about the candidates they support. Supposedly, they are for strictly limited government, balanced budgets, reduced spending, throwing orphans out on the street, yada-yada.... yet even the most fiscal tightasses still expect their Congresscritter to open up the taxpayer checkbook for their district.

    My Congressman (Lamborn - I didn't vote for him but I'm just a blue pimple in a crimson red cesspool) is a tea party darling yet will be the first person in front of the cameras to protect spending on the 4 military bases and tens of thousands of government contractors that call this area home.

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