Kokuyo Roll Table: Roll of drawing paper wrapped around a cube

The Kokuyo Roll Table is a clever alternative from Kobe Ishou Sourenjo is a very clever way to package and dispense rolls of kids' drawing paper. It seems like it would be tedious to re-fill, though -- but if you're game for it, it should be simple to make your own for your playroom with four pieces of MDF (or pine, if you're fancy!) and some screws.

Since 2002, Kokuyo, purveyor of fine stationary supplies, has hosted an annual design award with varying themes. It’s actually one of my favorite awards in Japan and has produced some fantastic products. In 2011, the Roll Table took first place. The creators were given an award, as well as a promise that their design would become commercialized. After much tweaking and optimizing, it finally happened. Earlier this year Kokuyo produced a limited edition of 50 Roll Tables priced at around 17,000 yen (about $165). The initial run quickly sold out.

While we wait for the next run, the 2014 Kokuyo Design Awards are underway. In fact, the deadline of 6/30 is approaching. If you want to see your idea commercialized, head to their website and submit your proposal!

The Kokuyo Roll Table Provides an Infinite Canvas For Kids [Johnny/Spoon and Tomago]

(via Crazy Abalone)