Where does the Apple 'command' icon come from? Would you believe... a Swedish castle?


At Tested, exploring the origins of a keyboard symbol familiar to Apple computer users. Turns out it traces back to Borgholm castle in Sweden. In Sweden, the shape of the castle became a symbol used in street signs to indicate a point of interest or attraction. [via Buffer]

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  1. Turns out, somebody on the internet suggested, without evidence, that it traces back to Borgholm castle in Sweden. Mystery solved!

  2. Are you questioning Susan Kare's credibility?

  3. I don't speak Swedish, so,I've had to rely on Google Translate.

    The wikipedia entry for Sevärdhet makes reference to it being used as the logo for Riksantikvarieämbetet, the Swedish National Heritage Board. Its website prominently displays the symbol.

    Note the breaks in the line, as if it was a knot of rope. It so happens that the Bowen Knot is the principle rival to the Borgholm Castle theory.

    So yeah, Susan Kare is just as gullible as I was.

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