A bookseller amongst her wares (possibly NSFW)

Cici James -- founder of Brooklyn's amazing science fiction bookstore Singularity and Co -- posed for a body-painted portrait amongst her wares.

Photo by Bill Wadman, body paint by Adam DuShole.

Cici Body Painted into a Bookshelf (Thanks, Jessica!)

Notable Replies

  1. So that's why you never see a bookseller when you need one for advice in some stores.

  2. I might have to rethink my "kindle is better than paper in every way" stance.

  3. there should be a phrase for this kind of thing, something like "free-range organic objectification", where one can indulge oneself without guilt.

    "this model has been certified by the Society of Liberal Exhibitionists (SOLE) to be performing as an autonomous entity seeking liberation and/or self-empowerment. they have not been externally coerced or manipulated in any way, beyond the ambient oppression of neoliberal capitalism, which they are either seeking to undermine or at least have externalized through an elaborate social theory.."

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