Bear walking upright like a human

This video of a bear walking upright through a neighborhood is downright creepy. I'm going to walk on all fours through the forest to settle the score. (Via Arbroath)

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  1. Fake.
    Monkey in a badger suit.

  2. He's smarter than the average bear.

  3. He's just trying to blend in.

    "Oh! Hello fellow human! Just out for a walk in the neighborhood! I wonder what the Smiths have thrown away today! I do so love walking upright, unlike those awful animals on all fours! Say, have you put out your trash yet? A fine day! I look forward to golfing or getting into my metal box with wheels later! Must go!"

  4. 1) situational awareness. bear is in open ground, wants to see further.
    2) i bet even the bear would hold the phone sideways.

  5. If a bear can learn to walk upright, hopefully it shouldn't be long before humans learn to shoot landscape video.

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