WATCH: rise of the super drug tunnels: California's losing fight against smugglers

Joe Garcia is a deputy special agent with the Department of Homeland Security and head of the San Diego Tunnel Task Force. His task force has found over 200 tunnels under the California-Mexico border since 1990. But every time they close a tunnel, smugglers build a new, better tunnel. "You can't fight markets," says David Shirk, associate professor of international relations and director of the Justice in Mexico project at the University of San Diego.

Rise of the Super Drug Tunnels: California's Losing Fight Against Smugglers

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  1. Blackmarkets are the only True "Freemarkets"

  2. I've loved tunnels since I was a kid, especially hand-dug ones - as long as they don't collapse and kill you.

    I've only had limited direct experience with black markets though.

  3. I especially like the part where the Law Enforcement Agent says they can start making a profit the first day the tunnel is open, my immediate thought was there is no way that they can close them down fast enough to achieve the agents stated goal. Unless they are catching the tunnels during their creation and catching at least most of the tunnels the economic incentive has not been removed.

  4. Ygret says:

    They'll never stop black markets. But the irony is that the biggest thing they could do to cripple the drug cartels they're not, and apparently won't, be doing anytime soon, which is to come down hard on the banks that launder drug money. Without that tool the drug trade will break up into smaller, less organized groups because a large cartel just won't be able to function without a way to launder vast quantities of cash.

    This more than anything proves that there is no interest in winning the drug war, only in prosecuting it endlessly for fun, racism and profit.

  5. They didn't even mention the most worrisome aspect. With the introduction of the minecart with hopper and minecart with chest, the whole operation can be automated with redstone wire.

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