3D printed Dark Knight branding iron

The $30.60 Dark Knight branding iron is made from 3D printed steel and snaps onto the end of a Bic lighter, and is intended for branding Batmannish trade-dress on your school stuff, clothes, books, furniture, etc (Note: not pets or people).

(via Geekymerch)

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  1. Living in the future can be pretty cool sometimes!

    I found a video showing how direct metal laser sintering (3d metal printing) is done. The narration is a little too high-energy-morning-DJ for my taste, but the information is interesting.

  2. Not pets or people? Sure. I've never seen a cowboy brand a backpack.

  3. I don't think I want any of my drunk friend to own this.

  4. I pity the fool earthling that tries that.

  5. TAC says:

    Tonight on CNN, our exclusive coverage of "The Branding Game".
    Witness helpless people randomly branded with logos, by roving gangs of black youth.
    It is an initiation in to the "hacker" culture.
    "Hackers" seek to overthrow the natural order of the world, and steal all of your retirement money to buy pumpkin spice lattes.

    You laugh now... but you know this is coming....

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