Brutal/primitive lamp/charging station

I'm digging Modern Artifact Decor's crazy USB charger, power outlet and lamp, a kind of artfully smashed together primitive piece with that trouble-caged bulb, big junction-box, toggle-switch (the best switch), and heavy power-cable: $195

(via Red Ferret)

Notable Replies

  1. One disagreement: "toggle-switch (the best switch)" ... No, that would be the knife switch!

  2. I dunno, that block of wood for the base seems kind of effete. Couldn't they find a broken cinder block?

  3. It's $195? Really? Couldn't you just make one yourself... all DIY style? Also, same with any decor/furniture from anthropologie.

  4. Did unfinished basements suddenly become chic? Because that's the vibe I'm getting from this object.

  5. Indeed, I would have thought that would be obvious to Cory. Knife switch >> toggle switch. Ideally with some arcing before it makes contact.

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