Portrait of a Burning Man scalper

SF Slim: "Passing through Gerlach? Don’t be fooled by this seeming burner-in-need; he’s actually running a professional scalping operation, buying tickets with a variety of false stories and then selling them online and in-person for $800 or more."

Notable Replies

  1. samsa says:

    So? Good for him...

  2. I had no idea that I would have needed to buy a ticket to go to Burning Man.

  3. Is the undesirability of transactions based on deceit that non-obvious?

  4. enso says:

    Probably because Burners will give other Burners a break and sell an extra ticket at cost, which he only gets because he's lying to folks. People don't like lying bastards, especially ones that violate their community ethos.

  5. Glitch says:

    I can only speak for myself, of course, but I personally hate the free market / Free Market because it means the most ruthless, greediest, deceitful, and exploitative people are the most successful, and those who are unable or unwilling to engage in cutthroat competition suffer for their weakness, kindness, decency, and the like.

    Oh wait, the question was rhetorical. Silly me! wink

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