Why the Healer deserves to be a Hero

We talk with author Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger, about why healers are never the hero in genre fiction and how she decided to change that. We also press her for baked brie recipes and discover how the Foo Fighters helped shape Octavia Leander.

The Sword and Laser (S&L) is a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The main goal of the club is to build a strong online community of science fiction / fantasy buffs, and to discuss and enjoy books of both genres. For show notes and previous episodes, head here. You can also help support us on Patreon!

Notable Replies

  1. I can't listen to the podcast at the moment (and therefore don't know whether they're mentioned) but Murray Leinster's Med Ship stories and James White's Sector General series deserve a mention for SF focused on a healer/medic as hero.

  2. Sorry, none of those were mentioned. But now you've got me interested so I'll have to find them (and watch Mad Max, of course, but I was already planning to do that).

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