Missouri student files complaint against Melissa "Muscle" Click

University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click telling a student journalist to leave a public space. (Mark Schierbecker/YouTube

Above: a longer video that shows Professor Click's attempts to block and eject University of Missouri student Mark Schierbecker after she called for "muscle."

Professor Melissa Click says she can't recall pushing University of Missouri student Mark Schierbecker, who recorded her calling for "muscle" to remove him from a campus protest. But Schierbecker says she did push him and he has filed a complaint with the with campus police, reports USA Today.

Schierbecker said he met with Click at her office on Tuesday, but that he found her apology "lacking." He said that he's made further attempts to contact Click to speak to her about his grievances with her, but she has refused to engage him.

"I am just left with the feeling that she doesn't care," Schierbecker told USA TODAY.

It's interesting that Schierbecker had to go to Professor Click's office to receive her apology. If she really cared, she would have gone to Schierbecker's home. But maybe she's afraid to leave her office. She told faculty members that she's received "2,000 threatening e-mails since Monday's incident."

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  1. higreg says:

    Really, I found it to be particularly weaselly, esp. the first line:

    Yesterday was an historic day at MU — full of emotion and confusion. I
    have reviewed and reflected upon the video of me that is circulating,
    and have written this statement to offer both apology and context for my

    She's setting herself up with an out in the very first line. Everything was so emotional and confusing that she forgot about the rights of others and that she really oughtn't call out enforcers to molest others. Man, what a day. I hate it when that happens to me.

    We don't know the content of what she expressed to Schierbecker in her office or why he feels it was insufficient.

    I think Schierbecker is right to go to the police. Tai should, as well. I'm no lawyer--but that won't stop me from saying that what she may be considered assault and incitement of assault. (Wait, is the latter a thing? Sounds like it should be.) I would encourage any journalist--student or not--to do the same on principle.

  2. SamSam says:

    My research was poor, agreed. I searched all the articles tagged race, blm, blacklivesmatter, ferguson, protests, and baltimore (which was still a lot) and found lots and lots of articles by @xeni and @doctorow, and none by you. But I didn't search every post written, 'cause you guys do write a lot... :wink:

    It's just that stories like this is what is causing the country to turn against black protestors, and to keep doing your part to shape that side of the narrative — with three articles so far on Click — just feels unfortunate.

    Done. I've said what I wanted to say too many times now. Sorry.

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