Facebook won't remove photo of children tricked into posing for neo-fascist group

The mother a 13-year-old girl has been unable to get Facebook to remove a photo that her daughter and a 12-year-old friend were tricked into having taken, which is being used to promote the violent neo-fascist group Britain First.

The girls were selling poppies for the Nottingham Sea Cadets when two men they didn't know asked them to pose for a photo with them. The men were activists for Britain First, and subsequently posted the image to Facebook to promote their cause, which includes a programme of ethnic cleansing in the UK.

Both the Nottingham Sea Cadets and the girls' parents have contacted Facebook to have the photo removed, but the service will not respond to them.

"As a parent, knowing an image of your child is being seen and shared around the country without your consent is frightening especially when it's linked to a controversial group whose views you do not agree with," said the mother.

"Potentially they could make your child a target to the fools out there that exist."

She has not received any response from Britain First, who she described as "cowards" and "racist bullies".

The BBC has asked Britain First to comment but it has not responded.

Mother 'livid' over Britain First Facebook photo [BBC]

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Notable Replies

  1. So, Facebook is being an asshole. Again. What a surprise.

    As for this:

    The mother of the 13-year-old girl repeatedly asked Facebook to remove the photos, but was told they could do nothing as her child was between 13 and 17.

    Can anyone with knowledge of British Law explain this? I'm pretty sure the use of photo would illegal in the U.S., and more than pretty sure it would be illegal in Germany.

  2. I'm confused. One of the girls is aged 12. That's.. younger than 13..... Why isn't facebook taking this photo down?

  3. Is there any reason to like Facebook at this point?

  4. adonai says:

    Maybe they should have told Facebook that there's a hidden nipple in the picture?

  5. I don't know about that but there is a pair of arses in the picture.

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