Donald Trump mostly retweets white supremacists

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a Twitter addict and often uses the medium to issue comments, responses and campaign pronouncements. But he also lets others do the talking, simply by retweeting them. 62 percent of those he retweets are white supremacists.

Two weeks ago the leading Republican candidate for US President was widely criticized for retweeting a white supremacist Twitter user with the name “@WhiteGenocideTM,” whose linked website sung Hitler’s praises. It turns out that’s not an anomaly, it's a pattern. Inspired by a new Twitter account that tweets out the bios of anyone Donald Trump retweets (because they’re often remarkable), we went and looked up those people he's introducing to his audience of 5 million+ Twitter followers. In order to learn more about them, we analyzed the networks of people that those people he retweeted are following on Twitter, using Little Bird's influencer discovery and social network analysis software.

You know, had the settling of America been principally Dutch rather than English, modern racists might be termed "Orange supremacists" instead. In this world, Donald Trump is literally the supreme orange.

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  1. LDoBe says:

    The nazis are his base, because he's a fascist. Less than surprising. I'll bet a lot of his supporters are the kind of people who'd stand around the polling place just making sure people are voting "correctly".

  2. I find your disparagement of Cheeto-Americans to be distasteful.

  3. Trump detractors: "Yeah, makes sense"
    Trump supporters: "Yeah, I know, I already follow all those guys, too"

  4. Ah, the spontaneity of evil.

  5. Bass you say?

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