Creatures avoiding planks

Creatures Avoiding Planks is a web toy demonstrating natural selection. Wee blobby creatures wander around avoiding floating planks, which kill on touch. If one lives long enough, it reproduces, passing on slight variations of its own movement behavior to the offspring.

The brilliant work of @hardmaru, I can't watch it anymore because I feel so sorry for them.

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  1. brzap says:

    If you double-click on a plank, it becomes easier to avoid getting emotionally invested in the creatures' fates.

  2. Or pretend the critters are the germ du jour (ebola, zika, etc.) and find yourself cheering on the big, diagonal-sweeping bars of righteous cleanliness. #teamplank

  3. Isn't it amazing what a couple of eyes will do for the affective salience of almost anything?

    The returns diminish fast and can actually go negative, though, just ask spiders.

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