Twitter growth grinds to a full stop, Wall Street reacts accordingly


“On Wednesday, after many quarters of slowing user growth, Twitter said its monthly visitors in the fourth quarter totaled 320 million — exactly the same as the company reported in the previous quarter,” reports Mike Isaac in the New York Times. “While the number was up 9 percent from a year ago, when monthly active users stood at 288 million, the figures showed that Mr. Dorsey’s recent moves have made little impact in attracting users.”

Twitter lost 2 million users in the last three months of 2015. Shares plummeted in after-hours trading.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned last year as the social media company's CEO. He laid off workers, put the kibosh on a planned site expansion, shaken up the Twitter board and appointed new execs. Favs are hearts, and the dreaded algorithm will soon rule your timeline. None of that change seems to be righting Twitter's “sinking ship” fast enough.

More of Mike's NYT analysis here: "Twitter User Growth Comes to a Halt" [nytimes]

Notable Replies

  1. Wait a minute... you mean, I was supposed to be using Twitter?

  2. and surely stock market valuation is the best way to measure the true value of a communication medium used by 300 million people....

  3. When one of the ideas floated is to change the defining characteristic of the platform (character limits) you know something is seriously wr

  4. r.i.p. usenet

    long live the next iteration of usenet

  5. The greed of capitalism. If there isn't 10% growth every year and 15% increase in dividend returns for investors over the previous year then the company is a failure and needs to be immediately devalued, broken up, and sold at a bankruptcy sale.

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