Trump: states should decide which bathrooms trans people can use

It only took a few hours for the latest Trump inconsistency to emerge: saying in one interview that trans people should be able to use whichever bathrooms they like, he said in another that state governments should decide, backing discriminatory laws passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi.

It's funny how the wording of his statement in each case is similar, as if it were recently memorized and he doesn't quite understand which part of it is politically meaningful.

Notable Replies

  1. There's no contradiction. Trump thinks the states should decide to get the Southern vote, but he personally says he doesn't care in order to retain the NY vote. Nuance!

  2. Donald Trump doesn't need to use public restrooms. He just lets the shit flow from his mouth.

  3. I remember seeing a bumper sticker with that slogan a couple years after 9/11, and the colors had faded.

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