The overwhelming glee of a woman enjoying her new Chewbacca mask


Candace Payne, your joy is infectious.

"Absolutely wonderful!" writes Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew over at Reddit.

Amazon has 'em for sale, but YMMV.

[Source: Candace Payne, Facebook]

Notable Replies

  1. Not as bad as the Boba Fett costume I had as a kid, back when The Empire Strikes Back came out. I found this picture that gives some idea of what it was like. The mask was pretty much see-through. And yet it impressed other kids and even some adults. One guy looked at me, said, "Whoa!" and dumped a bowl of candy in my bag.

    As a side note it's cute that the Chewbacca mask makes noises but I get a bigger kick out of hearing her laugh.

  2. Who wants in on my kickstarter for masks of this lady that laugh infectiously when you open your mouth?

  3. Kohl's sent her a bunch of Star Wars stuff for her family, including masks for everyone.

  4. An infinite regress of the character would be the best costume ever!

    Getting way off topic, but this will be my final word on hilarious costume recursion. This is the only thing that makes me laugh harder than just the character picture on the chest.

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