Trump, 1992: “I love getting even with people”

Donald Trump on Charlie Rose in 1992 talks about how much he loves “getting even with people.”

“Given the opportunity, I will get even with people who are disloyal to me.... I would define them as disloyal.”

Disloyal, asks Rose?

They didn't do “small things that would have helped,” says Trump.

If Mango Mussolini crowed on television about "eye for an eye" punishment of people who are disloyal to him two decades ago, we can only imagine what he'll do now that he has the power of the presidency behind him.

[Uploaded by Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone]

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  1. You realize, I'm sure that "an eye for an eye" is not a sanction for revenge, let alone a commandment. It is a limit to revenge. If somebody pokes out your eye, you can't go kill them, at least if you're a religious Jew.

  2. President Trump isn't "an eye for an eye" kind of guy, he's more "an eye for a nay".

  3. I posted this before, and I'm posting it again:

    "He told me he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying these five people," Mr Branson continues, before adding that he found the event "bizarre".

  4. He's simply pointing out the misapplication of biblical text that is against the escalation of violence, and is in fact part of the basis for civic legal standards that offer the chance of resolution between disputing groups without resorting to murder.

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