Bill Murray and President Obama play golf to promote health care

The two famous Chicagoans joined forces to remind everyone that December 15 is the deadline to get covered for healthcare for 2017.

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  1. What is a Healthcare Ministry? I still find it bizarre that America, one of the world's largest economies, doesn't have a national health service, paid from taxation and free at the point of delivery.

    I suppose that, as our government takes more and more cues from the worst of American politics, we'll get more and more "choice" in our health provision, until our NHS ceases to exist.

  2. Bad government is one of our few remaining exports.

    Well, that and extremely large amounts of money, in order to avoid taxes, which any patriotic citizens/corporate investors would gladly pay. Those are two of our remaining exports.

    I'll stop now before this turns into a bad Monty Python sketch.

  3. Healthcare Ministries are this weird exception to ACA regulation. They don't count as "insurance," but they do exempt you from the penalty for being uninsured. The "coverage" in the one we signed up for is WAY better than the Bronze level plans on the NC marketplace, and it's less than half the cost per month for a family of four.

    The cons are that they don't take preexisting conditions, and they're not obligated to pay anything. Which is to say that if you submit a bill to them and they've already spent all their cash on hand, they're not required to pay your bill. However, I did not find a lot of people complaining about costs not being covered. People seemed consistently pleased with the one we signed up for.

    There are a lot of little ins and outs with the healthcare ministries. I like ours on paper, but we haven't put it to the test yet. Hopefully we are sidestepping any complications that will arise from Trump's mangling of the ACA. However, we would be signing up for this even if Clinton had won. Our hope was that she would be able to make some fixes to the ACA that would make it viable for us again, but now it's uncertainty all the way down.

  4. We sent out a large batch of surprise on November 9.

  5. Don't forget munitions.

    Delivered either en masse, or one projectile at a time.

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