Is this the best UK comedy sketch of the 1970s?

Dave Allen was an Irish comedian popular in the UK from the 1960s until his death in 2005. His reputation is as a cantankerous irreligious fellow, but this family-friendly moment is widely held to be his best sketch. Someone on YouTube thinks it's the best British TV comedy sketch of the 1970s. There's some pretty stiff competition on that front, if you ask me. (Mastermind, from The Two Ronnies, is the best British comedy sketch of the 1980s. Dead Parrot was 1969.)

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  1. daneel says:

    Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.

  2. d_r says:

    I like Dave Allen, but the best British comedy sketch of the 70s was the Two Ronnies and Fork Handles:

  3. renke says:

    and Betteridge strikes again ; )

  4. Write that down in your copybook now.

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