Yahoo to change name to "Altaba"

Marissa Meyer is to leave Yahoo, which is to change its name to "Altaba"

Notable Replies

  1. Old Yahoo .. it's time.

  2. It probably took an embarrassingly expensive branding consultancy to achieve a name that sounds so exactly like a questionably necessary drug with an annoying ad campaign.

    Ask your doctor about Altaba(tm) for persistent midlife mediocrity*.

    *may cause personal data seepage, use as directed.

  3. Makes you wonder what ideas they threw out as 'bad' before settling on this one?

  4. KXKVI says:

    We need to do this more with people. Like, uncle Fred in Arkansas is dying, so we sell him to Bill across the street who looks the same and change Fred's name to Verna. Fred's wife Maude goes along with the deal, and switches places with Bill's wife Nan, who then becomes Bill's sister, Virginia. Fred's two kids, Dirk and Bobby, are out. Bill, Verna, Maude and Virginia restructure, and buy a new house in Glendale, and change their last name from Stevens to Tanaka.

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