Incredible GIFs explain how silent film effects were achieved

The Twitter account @silentmoviegifs shared these simple images that explain how special effects were completed during the silent film era. You can find the whole collection on Imgur.

Find the rest of the images on Imgur.

Notable Replies

  1. Ratel says:

    The part at the end isn't a camera trick, Keaton actually did that.

    Says it all.

  2. Cunk says:

    Wow. I had no idea GIFs have been around that long.

  3. The video demonstrating how Mary Pickford kissed herself is taken from the excellent documentary Hollywood.

    Something that has disappeared due to numerous copyright entanglements.

  4. The filter technique used for "healing" the lepers (and later for the transformation scene in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) was described in a nifty little book I had as a kid called Movie Monsters by Alan Ormsby, although he presented it as something you could do in front of a live audience.

  5. And the crew was afraid to say no because they knew he'd jump right back in. I forget where I heard this, and it may not be true, but for the house stunt in "Steamboat Bill" the cameraman simply turned the camera on and walked away because he refused to witness what he was sure would be Keaton's death.

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