Scottish techno version of 1980s Turkish Delight ad

Fry's Turkish Delight was full of Eastern Promise in the fabulous yet problematic 1980s UK advertisement embedded here. The amazing thing about it is how it made me, a child, think that eating this vile substance1 might be a good idea; when I did so, as a result of this ad, I instantly and completely understood the power and magic of advertising.

Below is Limmy's "Scottish remix" of the Fry's Turkish Delight theme, which somehow captures all of these feelings and contexts ("It's like eating an old woman's perfume") and nails them to the tree of wonders. [via]

Limmy's Soundcloud is going to keep me occupied all day; sadly, he hasn't done a techno remix of The Ambassador's Reception yet.

1. I know that real Turkish Delight is different and better.

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  1. That Limmy track has turned me into a glowing sphere of pure love pulsating in interstellar space. And the original ad is also amazing and it's not that problematic either, apart from being an ad. It's one of the standouts from the period when British advertising went all weird and amazing.

    But it's this ad which made me, as a tiny bobling, yearn to escape from my humdrum terrestrial existence into the darkly mysterious aethereal realm of, uh, mid-priced car lube:

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