Leaks from inside Trump's White House suggest staff are alarmed by his volatile and erratic conduct

The Huffington Post reports tonight that President Donald Trump recently phoned up General Mike Flynn at 3 AM to ask him whether a strong or weak dollar is good for the American economy. The question is one thing, as you'd expect someone who managed to scam his way in to the presidency might know basic economics and civics stuff. More alarming is the report that Trump called his Secretary of Defense nominee for the economic information.

“Leaks typically involve staffers sabotaging each other to improve their own standing or trying to scuttle policy ideas they find genuinely problematic,” write HuffPo's S.V. Date and Christina Wilkie. But “Trump’s 2-week-old administration has a third category: leaks from White House and agency officials alarmed by the president’s conduct.”

Flynn has a long record in counterintelligence but not in macroeconomics. And he told Trump he didn’t know, that it wasn’t his area of expertise, that, perhaps, Trump should ask an economist instead.

Trump was not thrilled with that response ― but that may have been a function of the time of day. Trump had placed the call at 3 a.m., according to one of Flynn’s retellings ― although neither the White House nor Flynn’s office responded to requests for confirmation about that detail.

Politico cites two anonymous sources “familiar with the incident.” May they keep right on leaking, as the freaky incidents continue to get weirder, darker, and more frequent.

The blockbuster quote in this story:

“I’ve been in this town for 26 years. I have never seen anything like this,” said Eliot Cohen, a senior State Department official under President George W. Bush and a member of his National Security Council. “I genuinely do not think this is a mentally healthy president.”

Notable Replies

  1. But you know, Hillary was the exact same

    and had emails

  2. I know if I was Mike Pence, I'd be leaking stuff like crazy...

  3. His brain is probably fine from a neurophysiological standpoint. I mean, sure, a 70-year-old with dementia is hardly unheard of, but that doesn't explain why the same people who nursed him through the election are suddenly freaking out just in these exact few weeks, or arguably the last couple of months.

    What's changed? He came down off of a huge emotional high (winning the election, FUCK YOU HATERS EAT SHIT FOREVER) and everything since then has either boring or stressful and he can't go ten seconds without hearing about someone else who didn't get the memo about how he FUCKING WON FOREVER YOU LOSER PIECES OF SHIT WHAT DON'T YOU GET ABOUT THAT WHY ARE YOU EVEN STILL ALIVE.

    His brain isn't rotting; his mind is breaking. He's a narcissist and a megalomaniac who is literally the most powerful and famous person on the planet and it's STILL NOT ENOUGH. Of course he's going to start losing it. It's so textbook they're going to recalibrate the textbooks to him.

    Dementia will be the revisionist lie people spread after he's dead to salvage their reputations, or explain why they voted for him. ("You don't understand, he was just fine before the sudden and incredibly rapid onset of Alzheimer's that just coincidentally set in around mid-November. Totally normal dude. What a tragedy, that he could be so totally altered by that terrible disease that nobody could have foreseen.")

  4. I think BoingBoing once asked if Trump was incompetent or mounting a coup. My answer is Trump is incompetent and Pence and Bannon are mounting a coup.
    He will stay president until he has signed all the legislation that the Rethuglican Congress wants signed, and approved all of the incompetent/corrupt cabinet nominees. Then they will impeach him, and Pence will take over as president and appoint Bannon as vice president.

  5. Are they that organized?

    From this point forward everything he does will be referred to (by me) as 'the Republican agenda, the Republican president, the Republican leader' etc. I have typed and spoken his name for the last time - from this point on he is '45'. And may we soon move on to numbers 46 and 47.

    Honestly I think Trump and Pence are both dangerous, but for different reasons.

    Pence has a regressive agenda and may screw over all of you Americans. That would suck, but not as much as 45 having a panic attack or rage fit when something doesn't go his way and starting up a shooting war that nobody can win.

    Honestly, 45 is in a death spiral and for some reason he has been given the controls of the airplane. Get him out, get Pence in and then have a good old political battle over rights and policy etc. Sure, he will be a disaster for women, LGBTQ etc. Fight him every day in every way.

    But for all our sakes, get that lunatic out of office and away from the nuclear trigger.

    God I wish that last line was hyperbole.

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