Anker's 10-port USB charger on sale for $33.59

Anker makes good stuff. Their 60-Watt 10-port USB charger can charge up to 2.4 amps per port (12 amps maximum). If you live with more than a few people, this can come in handy. It's on sale at Amazon for $33.59.

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  2. same as any USB hub.

    However since these are POWERED hubs, you'd likely run out of electrical sockets before you hit the upper hub limit. :slight_smile:

    Are you backing up The Pirate Bay?

  3. Question:
    This is old usb 2.0, not the faster 3.0, correct?
    This is not a USB hub. It is intended to provide power outputs only. You will not be able to use it to provide additional USB connection ports for a device.

    Useless to me.

  4. I really need a USB expansion hub and have bought some cheap ones that were sorta OK for really low powered stuff, but other wise crap. Then I got an Anker 10-port (not the one here) and I love it. Finally, one that works!

  5. Markedly less common than 12 or 24v ones, for obvious vehicular reasons; but assorted Deeply Reliable Suppliers on Alibaba claim to have them.

    Between the vastly more common 5v AC adapters; and the inverters that also provide a 5v output as a convenience feature, it's an annoyingly noisy search, however.

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