Mastodon - like Twitter, without Nazis

Sarah Jeong of Motherboard says Mastodon is a "kinder, nicer, decentralized open source version of Twitter." I hope she's right! (I'm frauenfelder at


Privacy settings are more flexible than they are on Twitter—privacy is set on a per-post basis, a little similar to how it is on Facebook.

I could make it so all of my posts are private by default, but I don't have to choose between having a public or a private account.

The really interesting nuance here is between "Public" and "Unlisted." An unlisted post is viewable to the public, but it doesn't post to the local or federated timelines.

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  1. like Twitter, without Nazis

    You should know better than to give the internet a challenge or excuse.

  2. Can I be real for a minute? I really liked how G+ works(ed).
    The circles analogy was way closer to the way I deal with people in real life, and it allowed me to go off on rants about a given area of interest without bombarding the rest of my followers with stuff they didn't want to see. It was the right granularity of control for me.
    It also has(d) a really nice looking interface, I thought.
    Very few other people seemed to like it very much.

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