Randomly-generated doctor handwriting

Paavo Toivanen wrote code that generates uncannily human, but utterly meaningless and illegible writing. Toivanen's thoughts on generative art are worth reading.
Generative art should ideally retain two disparate levels of perception: the material and visual qualities of a piece of art, and then a creation story or script and the intellectual journey that led to the end result.

The creation story is what's missing in most generative art, especially when it's presented as a representation of nature.

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  1. My teachers always said they recognized my signature as the one they couldn't read. Too bad I can't send this back in time to write a few papers for me.

  2. Bobo says:

    Doctor handwriting isn't randomly generated already?

    Man, I wish I could post pictures of some of the records I have to read. I've even called some hospitals where nobody there could read the writing, so they get the offending Dr., and they can't even read their own writing (and it's always Male doctors for some reason, almost invariably older...).

  3. Arrogance. You should see mine.

  4. Doctors' handwriting looks worse than other people's because you don't recognise the words RimabotulinumtoxinB or Idarucizumab. When most other people write, you can mostly guess from context what the next word is going to be. The pharmacist sees you already have a prescription on file for Empagliflozin, so it makes sense your doctor would now be prescribing Isavuconazonium Sulfate and he only has to glance at it.

  5. hecep says:

    Perhaps it actually has less (or nothing) to do with doctors' penmanship being particularly bad as compared to that of all other people, and more to do with (1) the greater degree of exposure doctors' penmanship has to the general public (ex: I don't know the penmanship of my friends and co-workers; everything is texted and emailed), my auto mechanic, my accountant, officials I've voted for, or my grocer, etc.), 2) myth being taken as fact (sound familiar?), and 3) people's increased focus on doctors ("Oh! Your dad's a doctor?!")

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