This farm animal sanctuary's rotating cow brush is a huge hit

Cows love to rub stuff with their faces and bodies, so lots of farms like the Hof Butenland Foundation install these rotating cow brushes. Rescue cow Paul is no exception.

He actually has two options:




I like the porn soundtrack on this one:

Paul has discovered another cow cleaning machine ...

Notable Replies

  1. Cow Buffing is now a thing.

  2. Aww the big brush is called HAPPYCOW I love it more than anything I want 20

  3. I know a dog who would like one of those.

  4. Me too, and I know some cats who look exactly like that when someone's hand is available to scratch their heads and neck. I wonder what they'd think of a scaled-down version of this.

  5. i was just thinking that i want one of these, cat-sized for our cats. they would never leave it.

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