Indie comics giant Dennis Eichhorn has died

I'm sad to share the news that Dennis Eichhorn, creator of the autobiographical comic book series, Real Stuff, died on October 8, 2015. Dennis wrote for the bOING bOING zine, and we've run many excerpts from Real Stuff, which were originally published by Fantagraphics in the early 1990s. Read the rest

Gweek 091: Dennis Eichhorn & Real Stuff

Dennis Eichhorn launched the autobiographical comic book, Real Stuff, in 1990. Dennis has had some of the strangest life experiences you can imagine, and he comes across as a person who is adventurous, compassionate, curious, and enjoys laughing at himself. Best of all, he is a terrific storyteller.

Real Stuff is one of my favorite comics of all time, and I have some good news to share. Boing Boing is going to run the amazing stories from the pages of Real Stuff, once a week (Read the first one here). I’m immensely excited that a new audience is going to be able to read Real Stuff on Boing Boing, free of charge. I hope you’ll enjoy reading, or re-reading them.

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