Antihoarding: When "decluttering" becomes a compulsion

If you felt a deep, nauseous tug in your guts when you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up*, perhaps you're teetering on the brink of a tidying compulsion. Read the rest

Assemblage under glass

30" tall! By the always-great Roger Wood of Klockwerks, from today's newsletter. Read the rest

Strange possible origin of giant, abandoned Chinese metal Marilyn Monroe statue

You may have heard about the 8m-tall, abandoned metal statue of Marilyn Monroe that is quietly resting in a Chinese scrapheap after a brief tenure in front of a mall in Guigang, China. But as Jillian Steinhauer points out, the weird juxtaposition of Giant Metal Marilyn amid the garbage is only the tip of the weird -- far stranger are the possible connections to the another, American metal Marilyn, who currently lives at the New Jersey sculpture park Grounds for Sculpture. Read the rest

Melted cassette tape skulls and skeletons

Here's gallery of skeletons and skulls made from melted-down cassette tapes by Brian Dettmer. Memento mori for a dead medium.

Brian Dettmer's Melted Casette Tape Skeletons and Skulls

(via Neatorama) Read the rest

Landfillharmonic Orchestra: Paraguayan slum kids who play instruments made from recycled landfill

NoDeg sez, "Here's a video of children who live in a slum in Paraguay playing instruments made from recycled material." They call themselves the Landfillharmonic Orchestra. Their story is sweet and inspiring, and the instruments -- and the music they make -- are absolutely gorgeous. They successfully funded a Kickstarter to expand this into a full-length documentary, too.

Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage... We send back music. (Thanks, Nodeg) Read the rest

Life-sized mammoth skeleton made out of scrap farm-equipment

Jud Turner sez, "My latest piece is a life-sized Columbia Mammoth skeleton made from 95% recycled material, mostly old farm equipment. It was created as a commission for Pacific Studio, and will be permanently displayed at the new Moses Lake Museum and Art Center, which is in Washington state. In 1950, a farmer found parts of a Columbia mammoth while digging an irrigation ditch, so this sculpture ties those two elements together. Part of the challenge in building it in my studio in Eugene, OR was that I had to make it in a way that it could be taken apart, and re-assembled without any additional welding. Just taking it down was one of the scariest operations I've ever undertaken in the studio (over a ton of sharp, rusty steel 15 feet in the air had to be lowered with manual genie-lifts.)"

Mammoth (Thanks, Jud!) Read the rest

Dragon made from disposable dollar-store cutlery

DeviantArt's ~toge-NYC hot-glued this awesome dragon out of plastic disposable cutlery and cups, slaving over it for 80 hours, "completely freestyle - no plans/blueprints/drafts."

Plasticdragon (via Craft) Read the rest

Fine art recreated with plastic tchotchke assemblages

Tom Deininger is an assemblage artist who arranges bewilderingly large collections of odd plastic tchotchkes into gorgeous pieces, including this Monet-like masterpiece.

(via Craft) Read the rest

Dense, beautiful sculptures made from thrift scores

Swedish sculptor Michael Johansson creates beautiful, dense sculptures made from charity shop and yard-sale finds, arranged by similarity in tetrisoids and other odd fittings. Check out the link for some enormous pieces made from carefully fitted furniture, as well.

Michael Johansson (via Core 77) Read the rest