Things Organized Neatly: a book of knollish greatness

The Things Organized Neatly blog (previously), which celebrates the kentucky art of knolling, is now a gorgeous, essential book filled with photos of meticulously arranged wonders of all description.

Both the book and the tumblr showcase pictures from all over the world, as well as some of Radcliffe's own photography. While the book features photos from 13 of Radcliffe's favorite artists, the blog accepts submissions — so if you, too, wish to sort burnt toast or delicately stack Spaghetti-Os, this could be your star turn. Many of the images use a style known as "knolling" where objects are placed at 90 degree angles from one another, leading to a pleasing, neatly organized effect.

It's this neat effect that keeps followers returning to "Things Organized Neatly" after six years online. And while Radcliffe didn't start "Things Organized Neatly" to create a therapeutic outlet, he's glad to hear that viewers use the site to decompress. "I think there's a calmness and sort of clarity to see everything that's been neatly laid out, and clutter's been erased," he told CNN. "It's just a very peaceful, serene way of organizing objects."

Things Organized Neatly: The Art of Arranging the Everyday [Austin Radcliffe/Universe]

The Art of Incredibly Neat Arrangements

[Kate Essig/WNYC]