Pope accidentally says rude word, corrects self

The Bishop of Rome had a problem with cock at his weekly blessing. Listen out for "questo cazzo--questo caso", which translates to "this cock--this example". [via Gawker] Read the rest

The other other pope

Not happy with the election of Pope Francis (who looks either like Grumpy Cat or a Muppet, depending on the photo)? Then, perhaps, you can throw in your lot with Pope Michael I, who has ruled an offshoot, unofficial branch of the Catholic Church (which may, or may not, consist mostly of himself and his mother) from his living room in Delia, Kansas since 1990. Read the rest

Dennis Rodman's pick for pope

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has chosen Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson (of "in Africa homosexuality is not countenanced" fame) as the next pope, reports the AP. Previously. Read the rest