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SDCC and gender: Bechdel Testing Comic-Con

Dave writes, "This year, for its annual Comic-Con issue, San Diego Citybeat views the convention through the lens of the Bechdel Test. The altweekly is free on stands throughout the city."

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SDCC: Map of San Diego's surveillance network

Dave Maass sez, "If you're going to San Diego Comic-Con, you might want to dodge the cameras on this map if you're not in costume."

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EFF's guide to San Diego Comic-Con

Dave from EFF sez, "Scorpion, Person of Interest and transformative art are among the highlights we're looking forward to most at San Diego Comic-Con this year. You can also meet up with me (Dave Maass) at the Alaska Robotics table 2 - 3 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

The EFF Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Gilbert Hernandez's limited-edition Harbringer cover, to benefit CBLDF (#SDCC)

Going to San Diego Comic Con? Be sure and drop by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's booth (#1920) to pick up this special Harbringer issue with a Gilbert Hernandez cover (see the full art here, exclusive to Boing Boing!), with proceeds to support the CBLDF's excellent anti-censorship work.

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Tiny pink Stormtrooper

Stephanie sent this pic of a tiny pink Stormtrooper cosplayer to Fashionably Geek. They say it was a little girl in there, but that seems to be citing facts not in evidence. In any event, this kid is hella cute.

Little Girl Proves Stormtroopers Look Good In Pink [Cosplay] [Amy Ratcliffe/Fashionably Geek]

(via Wil Wheaton)

What EFF learned at Comic-Con

Dave Maass from the Electronic Frontier Foundation attended San Diego Comic-Con and wrote this report called "What We Learned at San Diego Comic-Con," with a roundup of the ways that comics geeks and civil liberties geeks are coming together. As he says, it covers "A hacker video game, Person of Interest's strong language for the NSA and the Jayne Hat controversy."

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ComicMix Pro: services for indie comics creators

I ran into ComicMix's Glenn Haumann yesterday at Comic-Con and he told me about ComicMix Pro: a set of professional services for indie comics creators who want to focus on making comics. It sounds like a great idea -- the set of all people who make comics I want to read is bigger than the set of all people who make comics I want to read who know how to manage printing and distribution.

ComicMix Pro Services will advise you on how you can improve your efforts and secure the professional assistance you need. We cover every aspect of the creative and business process and customize our efforts and fees to meet your specific goals, including:

* Editorial Services
* Production, Printing & Distribution
* Marketing and Promotion
* Intellectual Property Services
* Funding Services
* Custom Comics Creation

ComicMix Pro Services

Nerdy waistcoats

Spotted at Comic-Con: EvaVanecek's wonderful handmade Star Trek men's waistcoats, which are a steal at $80, and are nicely tailored too (I tried one on). She also does Marvel Superheroes, and has a line of tuxedo vests, including Star Wars and others.

Star Trek pattern men's vests with buttons for closure

Creature from the Black Lagoon as outlaw biker tee

Spotted at Comic-Con: Ben Von Strawn's "The Creatcha" tees, which sport a version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon in biker drag and a coal-scuttle helmet.

Ben Von Strawn The Creatcha T-Shirt

Cosplayer in a realistic Ron Jeremy mask

By far the most uncanny and arresting cosplayer I've seen at any Comic-Con was this young woman in an incredibly realistic latex Ron Jeremy mask, from Hyperflesh. I mean, wow.

Ron Jeremy Mask

Frankenstein rat-racer tee glows in the dark

Spotted at Comic-Con: Captainyolk's Big-Daddy-Roth-alike Frankstein-in-a-rat-racer tee. Glows in the dark! $25 on Etsy.

Frankenstein Hot Rod Glow in the Dark Tee Shirt

Texas: the America of America tee

Spotted at Comic-Con: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's "Texas: The America of America" tee. Don't mess with it. $19, designed by Shawn Coss.

Texas shirt

Cthulhu bandannas

Spotted at Comic-Con: Arkham Bazaar's do-rags for great-old-one cultists. They look great in person, a real double-take on the classic elaborated bandanna design. Subtle, like all things cthulhoid. $10, comes in red, black, or Cthluhu green.

Cthulhu Bandanna

Physics comics for kids, with classroom guides

Spotted at Comic-Con: Spectra, a series of well-done, smart comics about physics from the nonprofit American Physical Society. The art is great, the content is great, and leads to good, illuminating experiments you can do with household objects. They're free downloads, along with supplementary classroom materials, and you order signed hardcopies, too.

Spectra: Comic Books

EFF's guide to Comic-Con

Headed to San Diego? The EFF Guide to San Diego Comic-Con is a thorough guide to where to go to hear about comics and free expression, meet friends of the EFF, learn about surveillance and privacy, and find like-minded civil liberties comic geeks.

Cory speaking in San Diego on Tuesday; Comic-Con on Thu and Fri

Hey, San Diego! I'm in town, teaching the Clarion Writing Workshop, and tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7PM, I'll be appearing at Mysterious Galaxy as part of Clarion's speaker series. And if you're coming to Comic-Con, you can catch me on Thursday and Friday.

Cory at Reddit AMA, San Diego Comic-Con, and Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego

This Thursday, I'll be doing a Reddit AMA with a bunch of authors from the current Humble Ebook Bundle, at 1230h Eastern/0930h Pacific/1730h UK. Then I head to San Diego to teach the Clarion Workshop, and I'll be taking part in the instructor's lecture series at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, speaking on July 16 at 7PM. And then I'll be at ComicCon, speaking on the Ode to Nerds panel in Room 6A on July 18 at 1345h and signing at 17h. All my upcoming gigs are listed here, in case you want to see where I'll be next. I hope to see you!

Kick-ass They Live cosplayers

Here are a couple of amazing They Live cosplayers from this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- the shirts and bags really make the outfits.

r/movies wouldn't allow it, so here it is. My favorite cosplay from Comic-con! ( (via Super Punch)

San Diego Comic Con Roundup: Day -1

Unfortunately, I am not at San Diego Comic-Con to cover it because, well, I am in New York. But in my travels through the internet today, I've found some interesting developments leading into Preview Night tonight. For starters: a logo for the new Evil Dead.

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