Adam Savage and John Hodgman cosplay as 'Twobacca' at Comic-Con

"My friend John Hodgman had never cosplayed before," says Boing Boing pal Adam Savage, "So I invited him to walk the floor with me at Comic-Con as Chewbacca. (He's on the left.)."

Lordy, there are tapes.

'This was us after the walk. Yes, we were very sweaty.'

'We actually ended up not taking the weapons on the floor because we didn't have the proper tags beforehand, which is a new SDCC rule this year. We got stopped by security just outside the doors, and had to leave them behind with a friend.'

'John actually said later he was relieved we had to leave the weapons behind, since they're heavy and it was easier for him to concentrate on walking and taking photos without worrying about carrying something too.'

'After people commented about my lack of black makeup around the eyes after Silicon Valley Comic Con, we added it. It does make a difference, now that I know how to wash it off properly. (Thanks, Frank Ippolito.)'

'We did this Incognito on Thursday, when the Comic-Con floor was crowded but not nearly as crowded as Friday and Saturday.'

'If you watch to the end of the Incognito video, you'll see one drawback to these costumes. Whups.'