Video: watchmaker services a 234-component Omega wristwatch


It's always fun to watch a master craftsperson at work. In this case, we get to observe a watchmaker named Harry service a Omega Speedmaster Professional, which has 234 parts, and costs $3,444 on Amazon.

Consider there are significantly more old watches that need service each year than there are new watches that need to be made, and yet the Swiss invest so significantly into watchmakers for creation and yet barely consider after-sales service. In this video, we head up to Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT, to talk about this, and see why now more than ever we need qualified repairmen via a detailed look at servicing one of the most iconic timepieces in history – the Omega Speedmaster Professional. For the full story, go to Hodinkee.

Several years ago, when I was editor-in-chief of MAKE, I had the delightful inventor Tim Hunkin write an article about learning to be an amateur watch maker. You can read the article on his blog. Read the rest

Mickey Mouse Watch for $18


I've always wanted a Mickey Mouse watch. This model is on sale for $18 on Amazon, and looks better than more expensive ones. Until I can afford this Masonic watch (which David and I have both been coveting for a couple of decades) this will do the job.

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Watch for blind people popular with sighted people

Hyungsoo Kim's wristwatch allows blind people to tell the time by feeling a metal ball in a circular groove. Sighted people want the watch too, because they can check the time without being rude to the person telling them a boring story. It's a handsome watch! (Via Marginal Revolution) Read the rest