Jim Woodring show at Gage Academy of Art

Bob says: "Here's a heads up for Seattle area BoingBoinger's: A Jim Woodring show at
Gage Academy of Art."

Woodring Control Drawing

I went to the opening last night. Jim gave a fun video slide overview of his
career and artistic influences. It also happened to be the same night as the
high school age summer school classes' show, so there were lots of families
and kids in attendance, not the urban vinyl/hipster/ art gallery crowd. Nice
extended Q&A afterwards with a lot of kids asking good questions. Jim was
sporting his custom made-in-Japan high tops!

The show at Gage of Jim's work is small but varied, a real sampler box of
assorted eye candy. You can see a charcoal drawing, a intaglio print
(gorgeous!), camera-ready ink line art, watercolors, a couple oil paintings,
and samples of his commercially produced vinyl figures, along with some of
Jim's control drawings for sculpting them. You really get a sense of how his
imagination creates a truly 3 dimensional world, complete with its own
visual language of shapes, motifs and textures, and how he then realizes
that internal vision into real objects.

(Click on thumbnails for enlargement)

Woddring Shoe-3


Woodring Drwing2-2

Woodring Toys-2

Woodring Toy2-2


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