DIY video summit in LA this weekend (Feb 8-10)

Howard Rheingold points us to an event taking place this weekend in Los Angeles, "24/7: A DIY Video Summit." He explains:

The event is an effort to
bring together the various academic, technology, and creative
communities that have a stake in the evolution of the amateur and
DIY video space. Specifically, the effort is to get the grassroots
and public interest perspective into play in the definition of the
future of the Internet video space. Our speakers include Joi Ito,
Lawrence Lessig, Henry Jenkins, John Seely Brown, me, and Yochai
Benkler. In fact, I will moderate a panel on Saturday with all
those others. I think it's the first time we've all been on a stage
together, and I want to make it a very action-oriented call to arms
rather than yet another panel discussion.

This event is the first of its kind in that it brings together
curators and representatives from key DIY video communities - live
action remix, anime music videos, videoblogging, machinima, youth
media, activist media, political remix, video blogging, and
independent arts video. Although these communities often have their
own dedicated events, there are rarely conversations that bring
together these different groups, much less one that also includes
conversations with industry executives from the tech world,
academics, and policy makers. The event will have screenings of DIY
videos, an academic track, and hands on workshops.

Link. Even if you can't attend in person, they'll no doubt produce many interesting ideas to be shared online. (Special thanks, Mimi Ito!)