English nurseries fingerprinting parents "for security"

Two nurseries in Kent, England are fingerprinting parents as they drop off and pick up kids "for safety." Nevermind that statistically, your kids are far more likely to be snatched and/or abused by a parent (or someone who works at a nursery!) than by a stranger. On the other hand, giving out copies of your fingerprints to every weenie who's got a wild safety hair up their arse puts you at risk of having your identity snatched — and the whole rigmarole just makes it harder for you to arrange for someone to pick up your kid if you're delayed, which makes your kid less safe too.

Ms Berryman said parents at the nursery were happy with the heightened security measures.

She said it made life a lot easier for parents when dropping off and picking up so that they were not hanging around waiting for their children.

"There is no actual information recorded, only the information that we've already got," she said.

My daughter starts going to a creche part time this week — thankfully they're not fingerprinting us just yet.


(Thanks, Imipak!)