Sequoia voting machines debacle in New Jersey: unguarded machines and broken tildes

Adam sez, "Ed Felten of Princeton University followed the news coming out of NJ during the recent (non-presidential) primaries. Some of the Sequoia machines couldn't handle a name containing a 'n' with a tilde, but more surprising of all, voting machines were left unattended overnight in schools and churches all around Princeton, NJ. You would think, after all the reports following the California and the Ohio review and of course Ed Felten's own work on voting machines, counties and cities would be more responsible with this sensitive equipment.

Ed Felten took photos of the exposed machines, which are available on his blog. Thankfully, he is one of the good guys, and photos is all he took."

Third, voting machines were left unguarded all over Princeton, as usual. On Sunday and Monday evenings, I visited six polling places in Princeton and found unguarded voting machines in all of them – 18 machines in all. The machines were sitting in school cafeteria/gyms, entry hallways, and even in a loading dock area. In no case were there any locks or barriers stopping people from entering and walking right up to the machines. In no case did I see any other people. (This was in the evening, roughly between 8:00 and 9:00 PM). There were even handy signs posted on the street pointing the way to the polling place, showing which door to enter, and so on.

Here are some photos of unguarded voting machines, taken on Sunday and Monday:


(Thanks, Adam!)