Racist cop uses UK Terrorism Act to detain mixed-race family and take away their disabled child

A policeman in Kent, UK has been suspended after he detained a child with autism and cerebral palsy. The child is mixed-race and was travelling with his mother and father, whose skin is a different colour from his and each other. As the family approached the chunnel entrance, they were stopped by the policeman, who sent for reinforcements. Police surrounded the car and detained the family under the Terrorism Act.

The family were then detained under the Terrorism Act and surrounded by "at least 10 police officers" who ordered them to get out of their car.

Ms Maynard was separated from her husband and son, who is autistic and has cerebral palsy, and taken to a detention room for questioning, leaving Joshua distressed.

Ms Maynard said the woman officer told her: "It's obvious he [Joshua] has nothing to do with you".

She said officers had told the family they had powers to hold them for up to nine hours under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act, but they were released after more than two hours.