House Industries "Studio Lettering" font collection


My favorite type designers, House Industries, have a new set of fonts called Studio Lettering. The description is intriguing:

Before the era of digital publishing, highly-trained artists in lettering shops plied their talents to give personality to advertisements, editorials and package designs. While the eye-catching beauty of hand-drawn lettering is still relevant in today's visual landscape, this bygone skill has sadly fallen to the wayside. Designer Ken Barber brings the lettering artist's sensibilities back to the modern designer's desktop with our new Studio Lettering collection. More than three years in development, these fonts use advanced programming to create living and breathing lines of text that escape the rigid constraints of traditional type to flow as they would from an experienced letterer's hand. The first 200 purchasers receive a free 64-page hardbound Studio Lettering book!

Price is $160. House Industries "Studio Lettering" font collection