Seeds of Change: sf anthology of stories confronting important social issues

John Joseph Adams sez,

I've just launched the website for my new anthology, Seeds of Change. The stories aim to confront some of the pivotal issues facing our society today, such as racism, global warming, peak oil, technological advancement, and political revolution. It features original fiction from Tobias S. Buckell, Ken MacLeod, and Jay Lake, among others.

You can read the complete text of three of the anthology's nine stories on the website, in HTML, PDF, or Mobipocket format. There are excerpts available of the remaining six stories.

Other bonus features include interviews with the authors and further reading lists for people who'd like to learn more about the issues discussed in the stories. And finally, the site also features a book trailer which features a short dramatized excerpt of each story, along with original musical score (which you can also download as an instrumental MP3 track).

It's available in the usual online bookstores as well as in ebook format for Kindle, Sony Reader, and Mobipocket, and is available in all the usual formats from Fictionwise.

Book's homepage, Seeds of Change on Amazon