Today at Boing Boing Gadgets


Today at Boing Boing Gadgets, we saw a splendid test card sweater, heard a Telephone Concerto, read about the summer's best smartphones, and Uuurwowrorwrwrirgigi barubububrbooobrrrrrrrr.

John looked toward the expected iPod revamp coming this fall, found a surprisingly pleasant solar laptop bag, and discovered a gadget that reminded him of his 26-volume opus juvenilia,
The Adventures of Fart Man
. More edifying is his current tale of life aboard the miniature remote control Star Trek Enterprise.

Rob heard a sinister chorus of tortured Furbies; discovered a tasteful joypad; praised the internet's mockup culture; and linked to a gallery of communist tech wonders from the fabled east. (Adds commenter Otter: "While we were drawing the Jetsons, they were building the Jetsons.")

There was Cloud, Heathrow Airport's incredible flip dot animated sculpture; a cellphone embedded in the road surface somewhere in Italy; and a robot fight to the finish line. Finally, the unicorn chaseto the death.