DHS: HOWTO stop (other governments') creepy spooks from reading your hard drive and email

Adam sez, "WikiLeaks has a copy of the 2008 DHS Travel assessment, which includes a number of key findings warning US travelers that their laptops can be searched and seized, that their data can be copied, etc. It then talks about precautions to take to prevent this sort of thing from happening.
Is this a case of 'It's OK for US to do it to you, but not them'?"

Risks associated with use of electronic media overseas can be reduced
through proper handling techniques. The simplest of these is to leave such devices at
home. Barring that, protective measures should include using designated "travel"
computers, single-use cell phones, and temporary e-mail addresses as well as
refraining from communicating with a home organization's information technology
systems… Travelers should use strong passwords on devices and encryption programs
for electronic files and e-mails.

US DHS: Foreign Travel Threat Assessment: Electronic Communications Vulnerabilities 2008

(Thanks, Adam!)