Rollbots: Awesomely geeky new kids' cartoon show

MCM sez, "The trailer for my new show, 'RollBots' is up, and I'm stupidly proud of it. It's about a race of spherical bots that race around a city in the sky, and mainly about a kid named Spin who has to cope with being the only bot without a tribe. Spin's a new recruit at the FCPD, and when he's not keeping the peace on the cross-town RMS, he's got to stop things like the crontab from messing up time, or cope with the Do Right Module gumming up the works. Among other things.

It's aimed at kids, but I think it will have a certain appeal to BB readers ;) It's is going to air in February on the CW4Kids, and on YTV in Canada."

MCM is the guy who made the killer picture book about DRM and pigs, "Pig and the Box".

Rollbots Teaser