Today at Boing Boing Gadgets

Today at Boing Boing Gadgets, we ran the ultimate Top List, The Top 10 "Top 10 iPhone Flaws" lists; gazed upon true horror; and gaped at Rubik's Mirror.

The big news of the day was, of course, the T-Mobile G1 cell phone, decked out with Google's Android operating system, which totally stole OpenMoko's thunder. Our liveblog coverage has the bullet points, but Joel's hands-on review is where it's at. Will that 1GB monthly data allowance be enough?

Rob demanded a Sony netbook after slobbering over its small-but-pricey Vaio TT; saw that HD movie cam-maker Red is starting the Scarlet over from scratch; tapped his feet on a Webble; and stacked Atom-touting miniature motherboards.

John sat on Hercules' face; wondered if any publicity is good publicity for Vista; grabbed µTorrent for Mac; and spotted earbuds for ladies.

Check out his review of Acer's Aspire X3200 mini-desktop PC. Prost!