130,000 inflatable breasts missing at sea

Nick sez, "WA Today from Australia posted this story about 130,000 inflatable boobs that were lost at sea en route to Australia. They were part of a promotion for men's magazine, Ralph. When the ship arrived, the boobs were found to be missing."

Men's magazine Ralph was planning to include the boobs as a free gift with its January issue.

The cargo is worth about $200,000, which is another blow for publisher ACP's parent company PBL, which is already in $4.3 billion of debt...

Ralph editor Santi Pintado urged anyone who has any information to contact the magazine.

``Unless Somali pirates have stolen them its difficult to explain where they are,'' Pintado said.

``If anyone finds any washed up on a beach, please let us know.''

Storm in a C-cup - 130,000 boobs lost at sea

(Thanks, Nick!)